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Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensors

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Product Code : JC-CKA01,UCS2
Brand Name : JIUCHENG
Product Description

JC-CKA01 Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor Overview

JC-CKA01 is a ceramic capacitive pressure sensor manufactured by Jiucheng team. The ceramic is a recognized material with high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and vibration. The thermal stability of the ceramic can make its operating temperature range up to -40 ~ 125oC, but also has high accuracy and high stability. The biggest characteristic of dry-type ceramic capacitor thick-film pressure sensor is that the measuring range can be as small as 700Pa and overload resistance.

The ability to reach a range of 10 times completely solves the shortcomings of other types of sensors that do not have a small range and poor overload capability in a small range. In addition to the range of a general sensor, its most distinctive feature is its positive and negative gauge functions. Such as: +7kPa and so on.The high output and wide range of dry-type ceramic capacitor thick-film pressure sensors are particularly suitable for manufacturing high-performance industrial control pressure transmitters. The large circular diaphragm surface is smooth and easy to install.

UCS2 Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor Measuring Principle

The Ceracore UCS2 basic material is Al2O3(99.9 %), a highly resistant ceramic material for many aggressive gases and liquids. Cylindrical ceramic components (diaphragm, meter body) are bonded to form a high- strength, hermetically sealed pressure sensor element. With absolute pressure sensors, the vacuum of 3.0 x 10-6 mbar created in the production process between the diaphragm and the meter body remains permanently. This permits pressure measurements related to the vacuum. With gauge pressure sensors, the back of the diaphragm is vented, i.e. this sensor measures the gauge pressure relative to the atmospheric pressure. Elec- trically, the sensor element represents a plate capacitor whose capacitance change is the dimension for the pressure change. The capacitive measuring process satisfies the highest requirements concerning resolution and reproducibility. Together with the hysteresis-free behavior of the material Al2O3, it is the basis for the excellent specifications of the sensor. In addition, the Ceracore UCS2 is a dry measuring cell, i.e. there is no separating diaphragm or filling fluid which could influence the measurement. A further advantage of the capacitive ceramic sensor is its high overload resistance. After removal of the overload, it returns to the initial position without any damage or hysteresis.

Power Supply 5+0.25 VDC
Response <10mS
(Linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability)
+0.1 TYP+0.2FS MAX
Zero output 1000+100mV
Full-scale output 4000+100mV
Output load 25k
Temperature drift Temperature compensation range 0-85
TCzero+0.01%FS/ TCspan+0.01%FS
Stability <0.1%FS/year
Supply current 2.2mA
Operating temperature 40-125
Insulation resistance >2kV
Dimensions 32.36-11.4-12.7mm